 Black 1/2" Binder for Concert Music

 Money for Snacks & Arcade Games

 Your favorite foods for your refrigerator (High School Camp and Teachers only if you wish.)

 Bed Linens, Cover & Pillow (Middle School only; High School & Teacher’s are provided.)

 Towels & Wash Clothes (Middle School only; High School & Teacher’s are provided.)

 Nice full length blue jeans for Friday Concert attire

 Sunscreen

 Bug spray

 Flashlight

 Sunshades

 Umbrella

 Alarm Clock

 Comfortable shoes

 Conservative swimsuit

 Pencils for rehearsal

 CD/MP3 for talent show

 Cell Phone or MP3 Player

 Chargers

 School-appropriate, casual clothing ~ You will be asked to change if staffers deem your clothing inappropriate (too short, too tight, or revealing)!

 Tennis, racquet, or basketballs (optional)

 Props, musical instruments for talent show performance (optional)

 Bicycles and skates are allowed but you must stay within the confines of the camp and must let your cabin counselor know where you are at ALL TIMES! Any infraction of this rule, and your parents will be called!

 Prank Supplies are no longer allowed on the campus of Roosevelt State Park!